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GF Vegan Waffles

Yields1 Serving

Combine & set aside:
 2 cups Unsweetened almond milk
 1 ½ tsp apple cider vinegar
In a large bowl, combine:
  cup whole rolled oats (certified GF)
 2 cups oat flour (use same kind of oats as above and pulverize in a nutribullet or blender)
 2 tsp baking powder
 ½ tsp salt (I use pink himalayan)
 1 tsp ground cinnamon (optional)
 ¼ cup scoop protein powder (I use Orgain vanilla)
Then add to wet ingredients & mix well:
 ¼ cup avocado oil
 ½ tsp vanilla extract
 ¼ cup maple syrup

Once mixed, slowly incorporate dry ingredients. Mix will be thick. *if you want a less dense waffles, add more liquid to your preference.

Spray your waffle iron with a non-stick spray of your choice and get cookin’!

Oh, and try not to eat them as they cool, it’s easy to do since they really don’t even need added syrup on top. But,...they might need a little whipped cream!

*this recipe was adapted from The Minimalist Baker