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April 18, 20210
COVID update-Day 7
April 15, 20210
COVID day 4
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HAPPY NEW YEAR!What a great gift to be able to begin a new year and a new adventure! I mean really, isn’t every day a
It’s that time again….. The leaves have changed color, the air is cool and crisp, and I will get to see my college kiddos soon! 
I am so excited to share with you today, The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle! By the way, this bundle has more than just books!  So
Happy Weekend Y’all! Recently I read one of the greatest nutrition resource books!  It is sensible, easy-to-read, practical, adaptable, and humorous. The title would make
Do you know a family that homeschools? Are you a homeschooler? Have you ever wondered why some people choose to homeschool their children? Well, I’m

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Hello, I am Elena Marshall! My goal is to teach you, my family, or anyone that will listen, about all of the wonderful, real, WHOLE foods God has created to nourish and protect our bodies.

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