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I’m back with “the rest of the story”….. Let’s recap shall we? 

I was fully vaccinated as of February 24. ✔️

In April, after feeling a tickle in my throat, waking up with a terrible HEADACHE and sore throat (like a porcupine was stuck in it) and,….since one of our daughters was just finishing a quarantine from a direct exposure; I decided to get tested and have her tested again to be ‘extra sure’ she was good to go to school and I was good to go to work.*she felt fine* 

I, on the other hand, felt body aches, chills, and slept on the couch for a good nap in the afternoon under a blanket. (not my usual routine!) I woke up feeling ‘schlumpy’. 🤦🏽‍♀️


We received our test results. 


Our daughter was negative and I was positive for COVID. ⁉️‼️ After spending 10 days in total isolation; that means just me in a room with a bathroom, meals and drinks delivered to my door, me sneaking out the back door for a few minutes to get a little fresh air and sunshine, and NO hugs …. At. all. 😭  (Depending how well you know me, you’ll know that no hugs was the worst part. I am a hugger through and through!) 

I am now fully recovered. The “symptoms” I still feel are what I believe are my autoimmune issues (AI). What AI issues do I have? You might want to sit down for this.

The AI issues I currently manage are: psoriasis, fibromyalgia, lupus, Sjogren’s Syndrome, goiters on my thyroid, celiac disease, and arthritis. 😵‍💫 So you can see why everything could be muddled and potentially something people just don’t know how to deal with yet. That’s okay, I’m willing to help my doctors learn so that they can help the next guy (or gal) who comes along like me. Remember, doctors are doctors, not God. They can’t know everything.

Interestingly, ALL of my labs say I’m in a good place with my AI issues and so technically, I shouldn’t be feeling tired and achy like I am. 😔  So, this now begs the question: Did COVID send me into an autoimmune flare? I guess we’ll never know, but honestly, it doesn’t really matter to me at this point. What matters is that I am doing all I can to protect and care for my body knowing all of the AI issues I deal with on a daily basis.


What’s a girl to do? 


Well, this girl made a decision. I made the decision to continue using my education as a Holistic Health Coach and my very inquisitive mind AND take my own advice. I mean, even health coaches need coaching and encouragement too, right? I sought solutions using whole food and supplements and I have made strides, good strides. 🙌🏼

However, the struggle isn’t over yet, and it is real, VERY real. But I have many more good days than bad, I make sure to stay even more hydrated than I had before I became sick, and I try very hard to say “no” to things to make sure I’m getting the rest I need and don’t over do it; advice I probably should have taken for myself long ago! 

So for now, I will continue to study and research, I will continue to test recipes and tweak them, and I will continue to do my best to share whatever I learn so that you too can be informed. 😉


Keepin’ it real,

Elena ♥️


APRIL 20, 2021

Days 9 & 10

Well apparently, I DID turn a corner! 🙌🏼. 

Overall, I am feeling better. The lingering symptoms were probably triggered by COVID, but they are symptoms I live with, especially when I have a flare up. Autoimmune diseases are fun like that. 😣🤪

So, thanks to my supportive family, my supportive doctors, supportive family and friends,….it looks like tomorrow morning I will wake up a ‘free woman’! 🤗

I honestly can’t think of another time in recent history that I’ve been so excited to go to the grocery store, the bank, or the hospital to get labs done…..and don’t even get me started with how excited I am to cook for my family and wash a few dishes!! 🙃  It’s the simple things. The things that we do every day and maybe even take for granted.   

I’ve had many conversations with different people, doctors included, and if you asked me what my take away from my experience was, I’d say:  Ask questions! ⁉️

Ask questions about any diagnosis. Ask questions about lab results. Ask questions if something/anything is unclear to you. Ask questions from multiple experts in the field. Ask questions outside of the box. Ask questions about pros and cons. ⁉️⁉️

If I were to go one step further, I’d say: Give grace.  ‼️ ♥️‼️ Doctors are doctors. Doctors are taught by other doctors and professors. Experts in the field are experts in their field. Remember that doctors are not always experts and experts are not always doctors. ‼️ And for the record, they are ALL human. They cannot know everything, AND they can sometimes be wrong. IT. IS. OKAY. None of them are God. GIVE. THEM. GRACE. 💕

I know it can be frustrating or make you worry when you can’t get the answers (especially the ones you want to hear). BUT, I certainly don’t have the answers to everything nor do you. *if you think you do, that’s a whole different conversation!  😬

And lastly,….LAUGH. 😂 Laugh as much as you can, whenever you can!  To quote Dolly Parton in Steel Magnolias, “Smile, it increases your face value!”  🤗

Thanks for joining me on my journey through isolation, you have blessed me greatly! ☺️

Keepin’ it real,

Elena  ♥️

PS-stay tuned….you might be surprised to hear that there is a “Part II” to my story! 😉


April 18, 2021

COVID day 8

Today was honestly, the best day I’ve had yet. Ironically, it was after my worst nights’ sleep. So, extra ☕️ today! 😑

I woke up feeling a manageable headache and decided I would challenge myself to go the day as long as I could without Tylenol on board and see how I felt. 🤞

I was able to get outside and get some fresh air and sunshine, walk a while, listen to church online, and then spent most of the day learning some graphic design stuff so that when I’m back to the ‘real world’, I can get some new recipes posted on the website.  ☀️🤗🍞🥤🥦

My appetite still isn’t normal, but I have timers set so that I don’t forget to eat. Drinking my gallon and a half of water with lemon wasn’t hard today as I was very thirsty! 💧

Evening came and it would appear that a good long day had taken its toll on me. I was running a low-grade fever and feeling pretty achy. 😞

So, off to rest and hopefully have an even better day tomorrow! 😴

Keepin’ it real,

Elena ♥️


**update to my update**

Spoke too soon……It was a very painful evening! I ended up taking Tylenol so I could hopefully get some rest,… it took me about an hour to relax because I had horrible pain in my knees and feet-I know, weird! But I am talkin’ like PAIN! 😭 My knees felt like someone lit a fire in my bones and I wondered if I was paralyzed. I wiggled my feet to convince myself I wasn’t paralyzed but couldn’t convince myself to try to stand up. I finally fell asleep for a while, and had a restless night. 


Praying tomorrow night is better! 🙏🏽


April 17, 2021 




I’ve heard it said that day 7 I should “turn a corner”,….not sure if I have actually done that, but I’d like to at least think that I have slid towards the corner and taken a peek! 😉


I started the day doing pretty well, and midmorning I realized that I definitely am sitting with a low grade temp, I believe the Tylenol is what keeps it down. Overall, I feel good like yesterday  with a headache hovering. The chills aren’t too bad, and I’m sure the grey and gloomy day is of no help at all! 😕


I woke up a little hungry, so I ate breakfast again, had my coffee with collagen, and started right in with my water intake.💧 In case I haven’t mentioned it, I strive for a gallon and a half of water each day (with real lemon or lime juice in it) to flush out the toxins and hydrate.  🍋


I listened to several podcasts today, continued reading my book, and watched a “few” food videos. Okay, ‘maybe’ I watched a little more than a ‘few’…… 🙄  *I sure got a lot of good ideas! I love cooking and changing recipes to healthier versions. I can’t wait to be back in my kitchen! 🤗


Speaking of food, I do still have my taste and smell, which is a GREAT thing since some wonderful friends of ours brought over a meal for our family. We are so blessed in so many ways! I have people checking in on me (all of us) all day long. 💗


God teaches us to love our neighbor as ourselves,  we have friends and family near and far that are doing just that; I am grateful and humbled. 💕🙌🏼


I also have many people asking me lots of questions, so I thought I’d try to answer the top ones here: 


  1. What vaccine did you get?    Answer: Moderna
  2. When did you get your second shot?    Answer: February 24
  3. Do you know where you got it (the virus)?  Answer: Not. A. Clue. 
  4. Do you have underlying conditions?    Answer: yes-I have Lupus, Sjogren’s syndrome and other autoimmune issues. 
  5. What things are you doing to manage the symptoms?  Answer: I take Tylenol for headaches, I drink a ton of water w/electrolytes to stay hydrated and flush out toxins, I get up and walk for 10-15 minutes every hour so things don’t settle in my lungs, I go outside when I can to get fresh air and sunshine, I use my Albuterol inhaler, and I take some supplements recommended to me by a trusted friend and physician that knows my personal medical history. 


My isolation is set to end on Tuesday evening. 🙏🏽 As long as I don’t have symptoms on Wednesday morning, I should be able to walk out of my room freely and hug my family-please feel free to pray for me that my body complies with my plan! 🙏🏽


Keepin’ it real,

Elena ♥️


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Hello, I am Elena Marshall! My goal is to teach you, my family, or anyone that will listen, about all of the wonderful, real, WHOLE foods God has created to nourish and protect our bodies.

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