COVID update -day 8 … the unexpected

April 18, 2021

COVID day 8

Today was honestly, the best day I’ve had yet. Ironically, it was after my worst nights’ sleep. So, extra ☕️ today! 😑

I woke up feeling a manageable headache and decided I would challenge myself to go the day as long as I could without Tylenol on board and see how I felt. 🤞

I was able to get outside and get some fresh air and sunshine, walk a while, listen to church online, and then spent most of the day learning some graphic design stuff so that when I’m back to the ‘real world’, I can get some new recipes posted on the website.  ☀️🤗🍞🥤🥦

My appetite still isn’t normal, but I have timers set so that I don’t forget to eat. Drinking my gallon and a half of water with lemon wasn’t hard today as I was very thirsty! 💧

Evening came and it would appear that a good long day had taken its toll on me. I was running a low-grade fever and feeling pretty achy. 😞

So, off to rest and hopefully have an even better day tomorrow! 😴

Keepin’ it real,

Elena ♥️


**update to my update**

Spoke too soon……It was a very painful evening! I ended up taking Tylenol so I could hopefully get some rest,… it took me about an hour to relax because I had horrible pain in my knees and feet-I know, weird! But I am talkin’ like PAIN! 😭 My knees felt like someone lit a fire in my bones and I wondered if I was paralyzed. I wiggled my feet to convince myself I wasn’t paralyzed but couldn’t convince myself to try to stand up. I finally fell asleep for a while, and had a restless night. 


Praying tomorrow night is better! 🙏🏽


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