COVID update Days 5 & 6

Things really feel like a blur,…but I’ll do my best.


April 15, 2021 


Feelin’ like a sloth….🦥

I woke up with less of a headache to start, the feeling that a little hedgehog (see the progress? 🦔) was stuck in my throat, and body aches. The weirdest part was that my lungs/chest hurt, but my O2 readings are good.  

I have been staying busy answering questions through texts, emails and messages and having great conversations on the phone. Then, I get tired and just chill. 🥱 I think soaking my feet and doing a charcoal detox mask was a good idea and helped me get some rest. 😴. God has been so good to me in the sleep department, I sleep like a rock! 


April 16, 2021 


I woke up feeling better/different. 😏  It was the first day I actually woke up hungry! 🥳

More coughing and lower oxygen levels, but less body pain. The ‘feverish’ feeling comes and goes, but I never register a fever. Maybe that’s because I have Tylenol on board for the headache. 🤷🏽‍♀️

I did some reading today-🐓 Chicken Sisters by KJ Dell’Antonia-(I highly recommend it), watched a Hallmark movie💕,  and a Liberty women’s lacrosse game, they won! 🎉 A good “snow” day all in all! 

For those who are still wondering, yes, I still have taste and smell! Praise God! 🙌🏼 

*Tomorrow I’ll try to address the top asked questions that I receive each day. 😉 



  1. I have been praying for you daily, You are an amazing woman and patient for people like me. I am glad you are starting to feel better, I had my 2nd shot today and now know that it does not completely protect and that is good to know and thank you for sharing your story.

  2. Sloths are cute, so are you. I hope you feel the I’m sending. A friend’s daughter went through Covid after being fully vaccinated and being diligent about All the precautions.
    Yes, you are so blessed with an amazing family. Let them hold you up, you’ve been their supporter forever.♥️
    Hang in there Dear. Sending love and healing energy.
    🦔 ♥️🍀 X, Lori

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