COVID journal Days 1,2,3

April 13, 2021 (a journal entry about my first 3 days-all entries will be a day behind real time)


Looking back, I have lots of time to reflect 🙄—on Saturday evening I had a tickle in my throat. But it’s finally spring here in New England, and so time for allergy season to show up. 🌷 No worries, I get a scratchy throat every year and most years, lose my voice. Just another sign that summer is coming! ☀️

I cooked, I was outside soaking up sunshine and working in the garden, tending to my ducks,…happy as a clam! 🤗

Sunday, I was at church, socially distanced and masked, I excused myself to try to clear my throat and not freak people out, after that, I was fine. I spent the day doing the same things as I had done the day before (feeling fine) along with preparing to travel to see one of my daughters at college and to see my daughter, son-in-law and sweet granddaughter. 🥰


Monday morning I woke up with a terrible sore throat (imagine having a porcupine in your throat) and headache, like a HEAD.ACHE!  🦔 I texted my employers just to be fair and let them know. We decided that I wouldn’t go to work as a precaution and I would go get tested as an extra precaution. (I had never been COVID tested before and had been taking every precaution possible for the last year, so I TOTALLY expected a negative result!  Did I mention that I am fully vaccinated?!) 😏

I felt “schlumpy” all day (yes, that is a word-my word), a little nauseous after I ate, and had chills,….but it was a clear cold day, so I didn’t want to overreact. I took a nap, which I honestly can’t even remember the last time I did that, and just chilled out all day. 

Tuesday-early morning, I got the dreaded call. “Mrs. Marshall, you have COVID”.  😳

So here I sit, typing. Typing for now, laying down when my head starts pounding, closing my eyes as the waves of nausea come through, staring out the window at the sunshine, and answering texts and calls from my doctors, friends and my own kiddos in the other room. (and contemplating painting my room over the next 10 days…..cuz hey, why not?!—I guess I’d have to have the energy for that huh…☹️)

One of my doctors is sending me an oxygen monitor to make sure I don’t go into distress. Two of my doctors say my lupus, sjogren’s syndrome and other autoimmune issues should affect this. They all say, “this is interesting”.  I guess it is interesting, but most of all, it is frustrating. 🤦🏽‍♀️

My conclusion: “I can do all of the ‘right’ things and even still, things can turn out exactly opposite.”  Why? I’ll tell you why. Because we live in a fallen world. Because life isn’t fair. Because this isn’t heaven. ‼️

My solution: “Do what I can do and always try to do the next right thing. Let God be God and remember that He is in control of everything, and everything He allows is with purpose.” 💗

That’s what faith is right? Besides, now I can share this with YOU, and I’m glad I can; maybe this will help someone else. 😉

So, if you’d like to follow my journey of faith through my isolation, I’d love to have you join me. If you’d like to avoid it or unfollow me, feel free. Either way, I pray that you will always try to do the next right thing and that you will be blessed with good health! 

For me, I’m happy I was able to open my window and get fresh air and feel some sunshine. ☀️


Keepin’ it real,

Elena ❤️



  1. Would you mind answering two questions. How long ago were you vaccinated and which vaccine did you receive?

    Praying for you and your recovery.

    • I received my second Moderna vaccine on February 24.

      Thank you for your prayers!

      Praying for your good health!

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