I have COVID

I have COVID. 😣

I am fully vaccinated. ‼️

I feel angry, jipped, sad, and sick. 🤢

But, I also have choices.

I can choose to focus on my feelings of anger and sadness OR I can choose to focus on all of the blessings in my life and continue to do all I can to get better while protecting my family and friends. 🙌🏼

That is what I will do. ‼️

Want to follow my journey with me?

I am inviting you into my life to do so.

BUT- 🤨

There will be NO negativity welcomed here. ‼️

There will be NO political opinions or debates here. ‼️

If you break the above two rules, your comments will be removed, you might be blocked, OR I will just shut off comments. 😒

My goal here is to educate. My goal is to share my experience with you so that others can learn along with me. 🤓

That’s it.

I will probably post a few times each day here and in my stories (when I’m not napping) throughout my isolation (10 days). I will try to address questions as timely as possible-if I miss one, please feel free to ask again after a full 24 hours.

**Please still mask up! There is no need to panic or overreact, just be aware and be proactive.

….more to come

Keepin’ it real,

Elena ❤️

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