What a great gift to be able to begin a new year and a new adventure!

I mean really, isn’t every day a new adventure?


As with every new year, I see and hear about everyone’s New Year’s Resolutions, and I decide NOT to make one.

I’m more of a “goal setter” as oppose to a “resolution maker”.

I believe in always looking at situations and going with the “good, better, best” option choices.

So, in evaluating 2013 and deciding what went well, what I’d like to do better, and what are my best options,….I’ve come up with this “word picture” for my new year goal setting.

Wordle: 2014blogchoice

While it may appear a little chaotic, that’s sort of the point.

See, life isn’t always neat.  In fact, if you’ve had any experiences like I have, you can agree with me that life is actually quite messy.

But despite the mess and chaos, there is GOOD STUFF!  😉

And that is how I developed my thoughts into my word collage.

The roots to my life’s tree are:




The branches on that tree that come from the roots are:








The things that I hope to blossom from my branches are my words in action!

Like this…..

I want to focus this year on being INTENTIONAL, THOUGHTFUL, and PURPOSEFUL in all that I do and say.

I want my actions to reveal my heart and my faith in Jesus to be shown through my Parenting, Living, Learning, Sharing, Loving, Eating (stewardship of my body), and my Writing.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta once said, “Faith in action is LOVE~ Love in action is SERVICE”.  Since I see my role here on earth as a servant of the Most High, and I love serving my family and friends, AND since I love writing and offering encouragement to others,…..I figured that my word collage summed it up pretty well!

As I was sharing my heart with my husband for the new year, and what I believe God has shown me and is asking of me,……we got into a great conversation about how my “word picture” is like a wrapping paper to the gift of life I’ve been given.

I hope you’ll find my focus this year an invaluable resource this year and you’ll share my blog with others.

Keepin’ it real,

smile ~Elena

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