The ULTIMATE Opportunity!

I am so excited to share with you today, The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle!

By the way, this bundle has more than just books!  So don’t stop reading yet!!!   This bundle has offers you won’t find anywhere else!

Grab your cup of coffee (or your kombucha) and pull up a seat!   I’ve got something to share with you and y’all are going to love it!


Are you an ebook fanatic?  (Then THIS is perfect for YOU!)

Are you the kind of person who is very careful about how and where you spend your money?  (Then THIS is perfect for YOU!)

Do you ever wonder why things have to cost so much and if you could do it for less?  (Then THIS is perfect for YOU!)

Do you find yourself thinking, “How do they do that”?  (Then THIS is perfect for YOU!)

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is more than just a virtual pile of books for pennies on the dollar! Although, truth be told, ebooks are easy to store, inexpensive, easy to transport  (laptop, tablet, iPhone, kindle….), they’re eco-friendly, and did you know that you can give them as gifts?!   Oh yeah baby!!

This bundle is full of information, yummy recipes, tips and solutions, creativity, discounts and deals, FREEBIES and offers the perfect opportunity to jump start your holiday season with healthy living!

You will get a FREE conference, 86 ebooks, AND $150 in FREE bonuses!!! 

ALL FOR JUST $29.97!!!!!



Where else can you get a deal like that!?!

Now, you may be thinking,…. “86 ebooks?! Who needs 86 ebooks?”  Well, you might not right now, but remember, you can give them away or just tuck them away.  I don’t know about you, but over the years, my life has changed more than I can count.

So while you may not need them all right now, it sure would be nice to have it if you need it!  😉

Take a look!

1 HL skin care  1 HL real whole food  1 HL meal pre  1 HL allergy free      1 HL health concerns  1 HL healthy lifestyle

1 HL natural health  1 HL green


buy now

Not only will you save money upon purchase, but you will save money for years to come!

With priceless information about sustainability, natural health, kids, fitness, and living a healthy lifestyle, you just can’t go wrong!

Let’s face it…..

There are a lot of things in life we cannot control.  We’d like to think we can, but the truth is, we can’t.

But, we CAN do one thing, take responsibility.  As we take responsibility for our own health, for the health of those we love and care about, we can feel good at the end of the day about doing our best.

As I have gone through the journey of life and learning to live with psoriasis, acne, gluten intolerances, weight issues,….I’ve learned one thing.

DON’T have to live with it, and neither do you!

Don’t give up!

That’s how I ended up going to school to be a Certified Holistic Health Coach.  I wanted more than just to help myself, I want to help others.

Just like you.   🙂

So, here’s the deal.

Check out this amazing deal, I mean really look over the bookshelves, and I guarantee you won’t be sorry.  But don’t take too long to decide to take advantage of this deal, because it doesn’t last long!

AND,….don’t forget about the bonuses!!

bonus offers

The sale runs only from November 4 – November 9!

Have questions? We’ve created a very detailed FAQ page with information about how downloads work, how to store your ebooks safely, how bonus offer redemption works, and much more. We’ve even added videos tutorials to talk you through some of the technical aspects step-by-step!

The fine print is also important. You can see that here.

Keepin’ it real,

Elena   😉


**If you run into any problems at all when purchasing, please let me know.  There are many of us involved in this and the system can get bogged down.  😉  Thanks!

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links, and I will earn a commission for each sale purchased through my links which allows me to keep this site running and offer giveaways. Thank you for your support of this site!

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