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I mentioned that I would be making an X-rated post. Actually, I mentioned that I would be making the SAFEST x-rated post I’ve ever written, and the only one I’ll ever write. 😉

Here it is!

See, like any other rating system, “X” has a value.

x games

In some cases, “X” marks the spot.

map x

In others, it is a learning tool.

cursive x

For this post, it’s about perspective. For example, the following “X” could be a really good thing for someone.

scrabble x

Don’t you agree?

After being a mom for 21 years, I can tell you that my perspective is a bit different now, compared to when I started out on this most amazing journey ever called motherhood.

I’ve experienced enough to write a trilogy about motherhood! I could include my experiences, 8 of them, for each subject. Like potty training, first foods, chores, public school, home school, sharing, sibling rivalry, childhood cancer, high school graduation, driver’s education,…… oh my gosh, the list goes on!

What I want to highlight today is my perspective about balance, intolerance, and blessings.
You may wonder how I could possible write about all 3 of those topics in one post……well, this is how.

Today, I want you to hear that YOU, yes YOU, can do it. What’s “it”?

Well, that’s for you to decide, or, figure out.

We all have an “it”, our “X”. In fact, every once in a while, or very often, your “it” may change, I know mine does.

See, your “it” is actually whatever “X” is in your life that is MOST important to you. It could be your job. It could be your children. It could be the book your reading and you can’t stand the anticipation of how “it” ends!
Your “it” could be the ‘attitude’ in your children, spouse, or even yourself. Your “it” could be your dream that you are waiting to pursue.

Well today, my “it” is YOU! I want you to achieve as much balance as possible, tolerate what you can, DON’T tolerate what you believe you shouldn’t, and count your blessings. EVERY SINGLE DAY, COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS! 😉
See, the other day, when I gave you the idea that I was going to write this post, I had one thing on my heart, a complete stranger.

Sounds odd, I know. But you need to know this:

The other day, I was running my errands, doin’ my thing,….when all of sudden, God dropped me smack dab into a situation that gave me the honor of simply telling a very wounded (emotionally) stranger that Jesus loves her.
It got me thinkin’…….

So many people walk around every single day with personal stress, emotional wounds, hurts, pain, etc….. and I know for me, it sure is wonderful to get some encouraging words and reminders that “this too shall pass” and Jesus still (and always has) loves me.

I, WE, just have to keep things in perspective. I believe that God allows us to go through things (sometimes) just so we can have that experience to share with others and perhaps, help them through something similar. Like when I got Bell’s Palsy. Boy, did that stink!!! BUT God had a wonderful friend right there for me who had already been down that path. And now, I’m equipped to help others who may encounter that same challenge.

So, what is “it” that is weighing heavy on you right now? What is “it” that makes you stressed? What is “it” that I can do for YOU???! Stop. Breathe. Get some perspective. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS! 😉

… and remember this,…..I don’t know what YOUR “it” is, but God does, and I DO know this…… Jesus loves YOU! No matter what!!!! 🙂

I just wanted you to know.

Keepin’ it real,

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