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APRIL 20, 2021 Days 9 & 10 Well apparently, I DID turn a corner! 🙌🏼.  Overall, I am feeling better. The lingering symptoms were probably
April 18, 2021 COVID day 8 Today was honestly, the best day I’ve had yet. Ironically, it was after my worst nights’ sleep. So, extra
April 17, 2021    COVID-Day 7   I’ve heard it said that day 7 I should “turn a corner”,….not sure if I have actually done
Things really feel like a blur,…but I’ll do my best.   April 15, 2021  COVID-Day 5 Feelin’ like a sloth….🦥 I woke up with less
April 14, 2021-day 4   Waking up was tough. My head felt like it weighed 100 pounds! 😣   After I sat up for a

About Me

Hello, I am Elena Marshall! My goal is to teach you, my family, or anyone that will listen, about all of the wonderful, real, WHOLE foods God has created to nourish and protect our bodies.

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